Heading into Thursday night's Food For Tots, our record had been $12,000 (set last month in Dartmouth). That record was broken this week in Fall River.

If there's one thing I've noticed in year two of our Food For Tots campaign is that our entourage is significantly growing.  People are really caring about making Boston Children's Hospital doctor accessible to all kids here on the SouthCoast.  As we bounced from restaurant to restaurant last night in Fall River, I have to say that I was amazed to see how large our crowd has gotten.  It's to the point that other people in the restaurants begin to ask what is going on.  Sometimes those people will join us in the next restaurant stop.  It's undeniable that our movement with the Friends of Jack Foundation is growing, and we love it.

We started the night at Barrett's Waterfront.  All of our Fall River matching sponsors were there with some of their staff members.  Colonial Honda of Dartmouth, Demakis Family Real Estate, and National EMS Institute all joined us.

Barrett's Waterfront and Barrett's Alehouse and Game Room decided to up the game a little bit and donate 20% of their sales from yesterday (we normally only ask for 15% for our Food For Tots campaigns.  Barrett's Waterfront was able to donate $893, while Barrett's Alehouse and Gameroom donated $1,250.

After Barrett's we headed over to the Tipsy Toboggan for some beverages, which was purchased by new owners two months ago.  Tipsy made a donation of $500.

We headed over the Sagres and ordered up some Portuguese steaks and octopus.  Sagres donated $1,000.

We ended the night at Scotty's Pub.  They had a busy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and their 15% amounted to $1,000.

Between all of our restaurants and our generous matching sponsors, we were able to raise $12,143 last night in Fall River.





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