Growing up on the SouthCoast, you might have waited in a Fall River line and left your mark on a special telephone pole.

This pole on Pearl Street, captured by Trevor Santana, appears to carry hundreds, if not thousands of pieces (who's counting, really?) of chewed gum. I have to admit that at least one of them may be mine from decades ago. I was very young and it was definitely due to peer pressure -- the "everyone else is doing it" mentality that led me to leave my mark.

If you ever stood in line at Factory of Terror, the Halloween attraction, you, too, may have contributed to this masterpiece of a telephone pole, which I think should be protected by some historical association or something. Just think of the hours of chewing involved in making this. I'm thinking that most pieces are of the Big Red or Spearmint variety.

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It may appear disgusting, and really, it is, but we have to give some credit here.

It's worth repeating that this took decades to become what it is and hundreds of people have contributed to it. If you haven't contributed maybe reading this will motivate you to leave your mark on history, though we don't really condone putting your chewed gum anywhere other than the trash.

What will happen if this pole ever has to come down? Should it be placed in a museum or showcased somehow? I can't imagine the powers that be tossing it away.

So, there you have it: a nonsense topic to take you into your holiday weekend.

If you contributed to what I like to call a masterpiece, let us know, especially if you recall the year. It's a landmark. Maybe one day, tourists will come from all over just to see it.

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