Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! The mission continues as I try to find forever homes for adoptable pets on the SouthCoast, with the help of some animal shelters in the area.

This week, our animal comes from the Fairhaven Animal Shelter, and this little guy is in need of a very special owner.

Courtesy of Fairhaven Animal Shelter
Courtesy of Fairhaven Animal Shelter

Rocko is a one-and-a-half-year-old pit bull who quickly stole the hearts of the staff at the shelter. In his first year of life, Rocko has seen and been through some unimaginable things, and breaking through that trauma has been a struggle.

"The first day he was let out to play in the yard he was searching for a way to escape," said Fairhaven Animal Shelter director Terry Cripps. "He came to us being afraid of nearly everything. It takes a few times of meeting him before he will call you a friend, but after he knows you, he will love you forever.”

Rocko got his name from his interesting habit of chewing on rocks and bringing them inside to keep for later and has a habit of chewing through “chew-proof” toys. This may be a reflection of his rough childhood, but the shelter has been working hard to teach Rocko that there are good people in the world. The shelter admits he has a ways to go, but he has shown incredible improvement and is finally ready to go home to a loving family.

He does have a lot of anxiety in the kennel but outside he loves to play with his toys.

He is still learning how to play, so his ideal home would not have children. Rocko would benefit from continued training as he is still learning how to be a dog and how to play gently.

“All it takes is for one person to see this post and open up their hearts to this big goofball. Please share this post and let’s find Rocko a home,” Cripps said.

If you are interested in falling in love with Rocko, contact the Fairhaven Animal Shelter immediately to schedule an appointment.

Fairhaven Animal Shelter

200 Bridge Street, Fairhaven

(508) 979-4028

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