Imagine you just married the love of your life, only to find out your wedding officiant was a fraud?

That's exactly what happened to Staycee and Carlos Tavares of Fairhaven.

The couple got married back on June 23 at Independence Harbor in Freetown, and was completely unaware that James Stern, their Justice of the Peace, reportedly did not have his license to marry people.

Well, long story short: Stern, the 39-year-old from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is now charged with stealing credit cards out of bridesmaids purses as well as performing weddings without having his license to do so.

Courtesy Portsmouth Police
Courtesy Portsmouth Police

The Michael Rock Show spoke with Tavares this morning, who was one of the brides who got married by him, and she explained how she didn't think that anything was out of the ordinary with Stern--until he asked to get paid via MoneyGram. This is her story:

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Having worked with Stern myself, I have always found his ceremonies a bit, well, unorthodox to say the least. There was never much of a smile on his face. Stern was always appeared stern (pun unintended). I was shocked to find out that he was originally charged back in September for credit card fraud, and now officiant fraud?!

He has performed hundreds of ceremonies all across the SouthCoast, leaving me to wonder how many newlyweds have actually been affected by his scheme. Imagine not knowing if you are legally married to your significant other after all the money you put into your special day? Absolutely preposterous.

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