When Allen Days and his wife Cynthia celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last night at the Century House, Allen wanted to do something special to put it over the top.

"When we got married 25 years ago, I wanted to think of a unique way to leave our wedding reception. I didn't want to do the traditional driving away in a car decorated by other people, so I surprised her with a helicopter coming in and picking us up," he said.

25th Anniversary
Photo courtesy of Cynthia Days

For the 25 anniversary party last night in Acushnet, Allen thought it would be a nice touch to end the night with another helicopter exit. Allen, though, wanted to keep it a secret, so only three people knew what was going to happen.

Cynthia, once again, had no idea of the plan.

"I was surprised on our wedding night 25 years ago, and last night he surprised me a second time," she said. "I really thought the original night was a once in a lifetime thing, but he surprises me all the time. It's been like this throughout the 25 years."

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If you happened to catch a low-flying helicopter in Acushnet last night, that was Allen and Cynthia Days re-living their wedding night, soaring through the skies above the town of Acushnet and the city of New Bedford.

The only obstacle was the fact that Cynthia was so busy dancing that she didn't notice that all the guests had slowly left the room to go outside and catch a glimpse of the helicopter that had touched down in the Century House parking lot.

"As soon as I saw the lights from the helicopter, I just looked at him and said, 'you did it again!'" she said.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Days
Photo courtesy of Cynthia Days

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