Looking for a fun event for the entire family this summer?

Making its epic return is the second annual Foam Day sponsored by the local 1555 Fairhaven Firefighters.

All are welcome on July 13 from 12-2pm at Cushman Park to enjoy a free and exciting summer day filled with entertainment, freeze pops, and lots of foam for the kids to jump and slip and slide in.

Jon Cox, vice-president for the Fairhaven Firefighters union, says hundreds of SouthCoast kids got a chance to enjoy this special day last summer, and they are looking for even more kids to show up in July. Cox tells us that before moving to Fairhaven, he was a firefighter in Westwood, where the annual event was a big hit.  He wanted to bring the event down here to the SouthCoast. "We love doing things for families and kids. We're looking to start a new tradition where we kick off the summer with Foam Day and end it with a movie night."

Foam Day 2
Courtesy of Fairhaven Fire Department

Cox says the Fairhaven fire fighters bring one of their spare fire engines to Cushman Park, then attach one of their high expansion nozzles to the fire hose lines to produce tons of foam. The kids marvel as they run through the foam jumping and playing. Parents will usually watch from the sidelines. but they are welcome to join in the fun, especially with some of the younger children. "We're hoping to create memories that last forever," said Cox.

All of the foam is produced with a mix of Dawn dish soap and water, creating a bubbly paradise for the kids to soak up.

The Fairhaven Firefighters Union is reminding all guests to bring towels, goggles, and a dry change of clothes.

attachment-Foam Day 1
Courtesy of Fairhaven Fire Department

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