A man with already five DUIs (driving under the influence) has been given a sobering lesson thanks to prankster Tom Mabe in a new viral video. The unknown man woke up after a night of heavy drinking only to be told that he had been in a coma for ten years. He hadn’t, really, and that’s where the fun begins.

He was able to watch a newscast, perfectly timed to begin at the point when the newscaster started reading the headlines. The look of confusion on the guy's face is priceless as he tried to absorb the year’s current events. The year 2023 turns out to be quite a year.

Miley Cyrus turned out to be an ex-singer who lives on a trailer park and defecates on her neighbor's lawns; Hillary Clinton became a war-hungry president who vows to attack Canada for granting citizenship to U.S. citizens who flee their country; and Justin Bieber and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr became lovers and are now celebrating their tenth anniversary. Mabe called the prank his best yet, telling Twitter followers that it was meant to be a serious PSA (public service announcement) with humor to make people watch. Within a day, it has gathered over 2 million hits on YouTube.