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Dartmouth’s Grace Botelho is winning Halloween with her jaw-dropping display of animatronic Halloween decorations outside of her home at 39 Azalea Drive.

With at least a dozen micro-scenes including a zombie walk-in clinic, a giant swine butcher at the chopping block, a gang of skeletons on a pirate ship, a spooky graveyard, and more, this local haunt is worth a long, slow walk.

Botelho said she’s been doing a bit more each year, making this the seventh and largest display she’s put on. She starts decorating her property the first weekend in September and by October 1, she is ready to treat everyone to her Halloween masterpiece.

Botelho said most people don't realize they can get out and walk around the property and she loves when they do. There are multiple scenes perfect for photo ops, and she loves seeing kids and adults alike enjoy the display. Hundreds of people have already stopped by so far this year and Botelho says the more, the merrier.

Her very first piece of Halloween decor was an old zombie lady in a rocking chair; you’ll see it on Botelho’s front porch, rocking a zombie baby in a crickety old chair. It’s as every bit as haunting as you think a zombie in a rocking chair should be. Since that piece, she’s been hooked on Halloween and buys more and more pieces each year – some so large she said her husband bought her a storage unit to store them.

Townsquare Media / Kristen Pacheco
Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media

While the property is a sight to be seen at night in all its strobe-and-neon-light glory, there is so much detail in each micro-scene that the haunt is just as amazing to see in the middle of the day.

And as soon as November 1 hits, all of the ghosts and goblins will go back into storage and Botelho will start decorating for the holidays, a display that she said is just as elaborate.

We highly recommend dressing up the gang in some warm clothes (and masks) and heading out to Azalea Drive for some safe, spooky fun. And be sure to let Grace know how amazing it is; she was worried that she could have done better. Thanks for the thrills, Azalea Drive!

The Terrifying Halloween Haunt on Dartmouth's Azalea Drive

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