The Portuguese community is in uproar over the latest review from English columnist and restaurant critic, Giles Coren. In "Giles Coren reviews Taberna do Mercado," Coren claims that Portuguese cuisine is “the worst."

“Portuguese cooking is the worst on earth. Or, at least, the worst of any warm nation on earth. Obviously, Irish cooking could give it a run. Or Polish. But in its leaden, oversalted blandness, the cuisine of Portugal is, at best, what English cooking would be if we had better weather."

Shrimp and rice
Does this Camarao look bland to you? Take a seat, son!

He speaks to the alliance of England and Portugal with a general comparison. “It is a creaking truism of international diplomacy that the alliance between Britain and Portugal is the oldest in the world. It is less often observed that the alliance is one based not on political expedience but a mutual love of soggy cod, white bread, overcooked potatoes, plain cheese, sweet wine and cold custard.”

As if that weren't enough to fuel the fire under your panela, Coren also states that the food in Portuguese hotels “is never Portuguese. People are on holiday. It just wouldn’t be fair."

We have the meat!

With all these bold statements, it's no surprise that Coren is under fire. I'll tell you what, there will be no pork butts for him at this year's Madeira Feast. None for you, Gretchan Weiners!

And as for the beverages, my Vo will tell you that we like our wine how we like our women. "Sweet with a kick!"

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