I know, I know. You’re probably wondering what kind of life I live if hashtags are helping me embrace the little things.  Well, I live a pretty hectic life as any new mom would. It’s full of Oh-My-Gods and What-Did-You-Do moments that have me scratching my head more often than not.  But when I started to catalog these tiny moments with different hashtags- it quickly become a fun way for me to embrace the crazy rather than get upset about it. And its not just me!  A lot of new parents are hopping on board the hashtag train and adding a bit of humor to otherwise stressful situations.  Here’s a few of my favorite #hashtags from the land of parenthood.

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    It doesn't need a lot of explaining, does it?  Its probably a picture of things going less-than-right with a dash of poor judgement. It also has you glad you probably weren't there to see it first hand because all hell surely would have broken loose.


    TSM/Kristen Pacheco
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    A fun way to remember all those cute outfits that don’t include holding onto them for the next 30 years like your mom did. Or you can use the traditional #OOTD to ensure your tots outfits live on forever

    TSM/Kristen Pacheco
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    This one can be smug at times, but is way more fun when used in jest. Who wants to relate to someone who’s getting it right all the time, anyway?  In my personal life, this hashtag is most commonly accompanied by #whendadsincharge.

    TSM/ Kristen Pacheco
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    Most often associated with toddlers, these photos best capture the very sad moments when you don't allow your child to eat the cat’s food or dad’s deodorant or because he just didn't want to be Superman that Halloween. It happens.

    TSM/ Deborah Soares
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    Admittedly, its one of the sappier hashtags but it’s got just enough sentiment to carry you through a bad day.  ...or a bad teenager phase. Either or.

    TSM/Kristen Pacheco