Ever feel like Dunkin' Donuts is missing snacks? Well they are changing all that.

In news I know many people will love, Dunkin' is adding a $2 snack menu with donut fries, pretzel bites and even a gluten free brownie.

Sometimes you just want an iced coffee and a snack...soon you'll be able to get just that.

Some of the items are already available at many Boston area Dunkins as they 'test drive' their new Dunkin' Run Menu.

Now you can literally make a Dunkin' Run by grabbing these new items.

Donut Fries

We've already had these at Dunkins on the Southcoast for months and they are indeed delicious. The little pouch of croissant style donuts covered in cinnamon sugar are the perfect sweet treat any time of day.

Pretzel Bites & Mustard

These also sound amazing, though I haven't seen them local yet. The bite-sized pretzels are sprinkled with salt and served with a side of spicy, brown mustard.

Ham & Cheese Roll Ups

Kind of want a sandwich, but need something more portable? The ham & cheese wraps made with flour tortillas can now be the way to go.

Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders

Yep, Dunkin' in going to have chicken. The $2 menu offers two chicken tenders covered in sweet waffle batter (yum!)

Fudge Brownie

There is now something on the Dunkin' menu for the gluten free crowd. This chocolaty fudge brownie will be a tasty snack for those who can't do gluten.

So many new items to try, but no word on exactly when they'll come to a Dunkin' near you. But if you see any of them pop up on the Southcoast, definitely let us know so we can try them all!

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