I have been to a few drag brunches, some in the biggest cities in our country. So I have seen some of the best shows and drag queens around. But the three drag queens I got to enjoy at brunch right here in New Bedford were by far some of the best I have seen.

Now, I wouldn't know the first thing that makes up a good drag queen, so my opinion is that exclusively of a spectator.

I do know that my aunt and I were going to drag brunch for a few reasons: to be entertained and to help the Fairhaven Animal Shelter.

I know drag shows aren't for everyone, but to see a room full of all different kinds of people that span ages from 15 to 70 laughing for hours on a Sunday over mimosas and some Hostess cupcakes was pretty epic. How many shows have you left recently where your stomach hurt from laughing so much?

With dollar bills flying everywhere and raunchy music and conversation, I felt right at home. The three drag queens that hosted this charity brunch at Incognito on Acushnet Avenue drove from Providence on a very rainy Sunday and put on some of the highest heels you can buy to entertain us.

To top it all off, just about everyone at the brunch had made a donation to the Fairhaven Animal Shelter.

In case you were wondering, they have been doing this drag brunch one a month for a few years and honestly, I think it's one of New Bedford's hidden gems.

The picture above features the three queens that had me laughing so hard, from left to right: Jacqueline DiMera, LaDiva Jonz, and Vi’let. Their next Draq Queen Brunch is December 22 at Incognito.

I highly recommend going to see this show. You should bring your husbands, brothers, and anyone else who doesn't get easily offended but loves attention.

Have you been? Thoughts on drag shows?

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