Big fans of the series will appreciate this exhibit and if you're just starting to watch, it'll be a great way to set the stage for you.

Now, this is a TV show I have been dying to start but just haven't had the extra time. Now that I know this exhibit is coming to Boston, that's just the push I needed to get going and watch. I'll first visit the exhibit and then start the series. This way, I'll have a good mindset of the show heading into it.

The Boston Globe has a great article with everything you need to know about "Downton Abbey: The Exhibition," coming to Boston June 15 through September 29.

It's described as a "huge treat" for the die-hard fans and features recreations of the sets like the Crawleys’ famous dining room, Mrs. Patmore’s amazing kitchen, and of course Carson’s office. Visitors will see more than 50 of the show's famous costumes, including ball gowns and wedding dresses, and also a variety of historical artifacts.

This awesome exhibition has made stops in New York City and West Palm Beach and will be here in Boston just in time for summer. I'm thinking this would be a perfect "Girlfriends' Day/Night Out." We could stop for lunch first, then the Downton Abbey exhibit and finish the evening with dinner and drinks. Sounds good to me. 🙋🏼🍷

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