The holiday weekend is fast approaching and the experts are letting us know when the traffic will be the worst.

Every year we get the reports of when not to drive if we want to avoid traffic over the holiday weekend. But do we really need these?

Honestly, it's it always pretty much Friday will be bad, as well as Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon. Right?

Well, that's what I expect. Here's what AAA actually has to say about it.

The travel company says the worst time to drive all Memorial Day weekend in the Boston area is actually Monday afternoon from 3:45 p.m. through 5:45 p.m. Very specific.

Seems that is when everyone who does do some traveling is expecting to be returning and things will be at a near standstill highway-wise.

The drive out of the area will probably be more varied than that as far as slow times go.

AAA says things will start to get slower on the roadways as early as Wednesday with many people planning to take extra, extra long holiday weekends.

The advice is to possibly find alternate routes to and from work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if you are doing your normal commuting thing, because more people will likely be on the roads the entire end of the week.

Forty-three million people are expected to travel over Memorial Day weekend, and 37.6 million of them by car.

So again, just be prepared for traffic travelers.

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