strikes again.

The first time I dealt with the DNA test, I was highly disappointed. My results told me my background was completely different than what I thought I actually was. However, something (more like someone) has proved to me that perhaps it's not as bad as a test as I presumed.

One night as I was getting ready to call it a day, I received the most random message on my Facebook. It was a request to connect with someone I wasn't friends with nor of acquaintance. The following message read as follows:

"Hey, I’m your fourth cousin! Your brother took the ancestry test and my meme did too"

It took me a second to contemplate whether or not this was real or social media spam, but I decided to bite and was shocked to discover that she was actually my fourth cousin! She broke down the French genealogy on my father's side and low and behold, there were my great-great grandparents, and there were my grandparents, and she even knew who my mother and father were. Creepy, right (the DNA test, not my cousin)?

As far as goes, I was unaware that it goes beyond your ethnicity and actually shows you your relatives. Yes, I understand that relatives are sometimes far apart and sometimes not too far away. Who knew my cousin and I were only a few miles apart?

Life's funny that way sometimes. I'll just sit back and wait for the next friend request to find my Uncle Kevin.

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