You know, it's been a long and strange week.  While we've tried to wrap our heads around the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and even the $4.05 billion sale of 'Star Wars' to Disney with plans for a seventh installment, about the last thing we can wrap our heads around is a sequel series to a beloved '90s sitcom.  And yet here we are, grasping the notion of a 'Boy Meets World' sequel series, titled cleverly enough, 'Girl Meets World.'  So as long as the world's gone crazy, who from the cast might return?

Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, Feeny and even Minkus are not names we expected to hear again outside of classic 'Boy Meets World' reruns.  And yet, in a world gone mad, TVLine reports that the Disney Channel has begun development of a 'Boy Meets World' sequel series, to focus on the new Matthews family, specifically Cory and Topanga's preteen daughter!

Appropriately dubbed 'Girl Meets World,' the new series would feature Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel returning to their iconic roles of Cory and Topanga, should the Disney Channel's negotiations prove successful.  The pair portrayed the roles for seven seasons of the ABC sitcom, closing out the series married and on their way to new lives in New York.

It remains unknown who else from the original cast might drop by for appearances, but what say you?  Would you watch 'Girl Meets World,' should the 'Boy Meets World' sequel be picked up to series?  Who would you like to see return (cough, "Plays-With-Squirrels," cough)?