This group of cyclists is probably not what you're thinking when someone says New Bedford Biker Gang.

The group is the New Bedford Starchasers and they ride literal bikes, love all things sci-fi and seem to love supporting the New Bedford art community.

Not at all what you'd expect from a "biker" gang.

Honestly I tried checking out their website, but it was bit too nerdy for me to understand exactly what was happening on there.

But their 1980s Pub Pedal event next week sounds awesome.

I kinda wish I was a bit more into sci-fi so I could "get" the Starchasers vision. Because this crew seems awesome.

They design their bicycles with spaceships in mind. Some weld frame onto frame creating super tall bikes, some weld super long handle bars or experiment with tire size and many of the bikes light up.

These folks are creative and cool, who wouldn't want to roll with them?

And if you do, it seems like you can.

Details on joining the Starchasers in on their Facebook page. And they'll even give you a superhero code name when you join up.

Sadly I haven't ridden a bike since before my first child was born.

She is starting to really get into riding her tricycle though, so perhaps we can both be Starchasers in the future.

She'd probably love to light up her bike for night time riding. And I could certainly use the fun form of exercise.

But what would our superhero names be? Mega Mom and Daughter Dynamo?

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