Imagine finding a 2 carat diamond at the bottom of your glass of champagne.  It's going to happen to someone on September 23rd at a fundraiser for Southcoast Health. 

Last year, George and Jill Fearons opened up their Bay Club home in Mattapoisett for a party that was the talk of the town for months.  They're doing it again on September 23rd, but this time everyone will be talking about diamonds!  Someone will win a 2 carat diamond from Hannoush Jewelers at this exciting party.  Two hundred glasses of champagne will be poured....199 of them will have a cubic zirconia settled at the bottom.  One of the glasses will have a big, fat diamond.  The champagne will be sold at $50 a glass...all of which will benefit the pediatrics department at Southcoast Health.

The fundraising event will be held on Saturday, September 23rd at 7PM. Every penny of the proceeds will be going to the pediatrics unit. There will be donation opportunities available and items that will be auctioned off at the event. For more information call: 508-736-5212 or check out this article about last year's event by Sippican Week.

The Fearons family knows the Southcoast pediatrics department all too well.  Their young son, Jack, was only 2 years old when he had his first brain surgery due to a disease called Chiari Malformation, which causes his brain tissue to grow into his spinal cord.  Jack was sent to St. Luke's hospital for treatment, and Jill and George Fearons became familiar faces in the unit.  The Mattapoisett parents say it's comforting to know that Southcoast Health is now directly linked to Boston Children's Hospital, allowing teams at both hospitals to share info about Jack and other patients in real time. "It's like having the best known pediatric doctors in the world ready to help right here in New Bedford," says Jill Fearons.  "In these types of situations, every minute...every second counts.  The partnership is vital to this community."

The Fearons are hosting the annual fundraiser to show their gratitude to the Southcoast Health Pediatric unit for all that they have done for their son.


Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan

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