In March of 1922, Dartmouth Town Meeting voters approved Article 59, establishing a police department in the town. Before that, law enforcement in Dartmouth was somewhat sketchy, being carried out by privately-paid police officers or appointed constables.

Today, the Dartmouth Police Department is fully accredited, and its 74-officers are highly trained. Chief Brian Levesque said the job is much different than it was in 1922.

"As we've gotten more advanced, so have the criminals, utilizing modern technology in ways we wish they wouldn't," Levesque said.

Levesque joined Townsquare Sunday this week to discuss policing in 2022, and the 100th Anniversary Policeman's Ball, October 1 at White's of Westport.

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Levesque said police reform and higher standards, which he supports, have brought about the need for quality training.

"We've always done training but we're gotten progressively better at it. What we do now is scenario-based training, so you are not there listening to someone deliver a lecture, but we are putting officers in a situation with role-players, and having them go through that," Levesque said. "Its not easy to put together that type of training, but it certainly is an upgrade in quality and beneficial for all."

Dartmouth Police Department Celebrates 100 Years
Dartmouth Police Department

As for the Dartmouth Police 100th Anniversary Policeman's Ball, Chief Levesque said the tradition started in the 1960s in Dartmouth, with a yearly event at Lincoln Park. It was suspended during the 1980s but is being revived this year because of the 100th anniversary.

Tickets are $60 and can be obtained at or can be purchased at the station on Tucker Road during the daytime.

The complete interview with Dartmouth Police Chief Brian Levesque can be heard here:

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