This isn't the first time wholesale clubs and supermarkets have had to limit how much product a customer can purchase, yet here we are again.

I was down at the Dartmouth BJ's Wholesale Club on Monday and noticed a pattern of signs popping up throughout the store on specific items that legit made me say aloud "oh, come on. Not again." Now, before anyone starts bashing BJ's, it's not their fault. These shortages usually aren't because of the store itself, but rather supply chain issues, with the stores unable to get the product in to be able to put it on the shelf.

Among the items that were being limited were paper towels, toilet paper, and chicken wings.

Courtesy Chris Amaral

I spoke with one of the employees, Chris Amaral, a butcher at BJ's who said he can't just keep the chicken wings on the shelf long enough. The second he puts out the chicken, it's gone in an instant.

"There's a chicken wing shortage, it's been crazy," Amaral said. "I'll give you an example: every delivery, I'll order 10 cases of wings and I'm lucky if I only get three from the supply company."

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This is just what we need, another episode of Hoarders, all because people start freaking out when the product becomes limited. What most don't realize is the reasoning behind it. The supply chain is broken somewhere and regulating the product temporarily helps fix the issue. This is not for all cases, just some.

Courtesy Chris Amaral

My message to the public is simple: please don't lose your marbles over this and start impulse buying everything in sight in bulk, because of fear that the product will never again return to the shelves. It's a temporary matter, but the unknown is causing chaos.

There's no need to worry, there will always be chicken wings and toilet paper, you just have to be a little patient during this time. Lastly, don't take it out on the staff either, it's completely out of their control. Just be thankful to the ones who are showing up to work these days.

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