Coming from someone who used to be painfully shy as a kid, I know what it’s like to use your parents to communicate with the rest of the world if you need or want something. At 10 years old, Savannah Medeiros isn’t unlike most other kids her age.

Felix Joseph Cerrato III shared a sweet story with the Dartmouth BJ’s Wholesale Club page on Facebook. One of the employees went above the job description to show kindness to his stepdaughter, Savannah when she was feeling a little shy. We reached out to him to get more information.

“We were just doing our weekly shopping and my daughter will usually ask us to get her a cookie from the bakery when we go,” Cerrato said. “We did the same this time, and the young girl working the bakery could tell she was a little shy. She came from the back with a platter of cookies and asked my daughter to pick one. She did and we moved on to finish our shopping.”

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Cerrato and his wife, Sonia did not think anything else of the interaction with the girl working at the bakery. However, she would soon prove that she had given the moment some extra thought and decided to take action.

“Next thing I know, the girl from the bakery is walking towards us with a little bag and some cookies in it,” Cerrato said. “She wrote a very encouraging note to our daughter telling her to never be afraid to ask for anything no matter how big or how small.”

Contributed by Felix Joseph Cerrato III
Contributed by Felix Joseph Cerrato III

Cerrato did not catch the name of the employee but was sure to recognize her in his original Facebook post.

Contributed by Felix Joseph Cerrato III
Contributed by Felix Joseph Cerrato III

“It was a truly amazing gesture, and really helped restore our faith in people today,” Cerrato said. “For her to go out of her way to do that for our daughter shows the kind of person she is!”

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