As more and more businesses are forced close amid coronavirus concerns, others are open and extremely busy. One such store is CVS.

With the number of coronavirus cases continuing to rise across the country, CVS Pharmacies are busier than ever.

From people stocking up on cold medicine, vitamins and paper products to stores becoming testing centers for COVID-19, CVS is still very busy. And they need some help.

CVS CEO Larry Merlo released a statement on Monday saying they are "taking extra steps to provide some peace of mind and help [people] navigate these uncertain times."

And that means staffing up.

Part of his press release was to let the country know they need employees. And fast.

The goal is to hire 50,000 people across the country to keep shelves stocked, stores clean and prescriptions filled.

Of course they are doing their best now, but extra staff will definitely help.

And they are not alone.

Amazon announced they are hiring thousands immediately, Domino's has put out the call for more pizza delivery drivers plus Walmart and Walgreens are staffing up too.

And many of these companies are adding incentives to current employees like temporary pay raises and big bonuses to keep coming to work.

Certainly no one wants to see their business get bogged down with too many customers and not enough employees during these uncharted times.

So for anyone who needs work, there seems to be plenty out there.

Here are some of the local CVS job posting we came across with a simple Google search.

I'm sure checking out the CVS website would show you even more.

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