We've been warning you for months: the seemingly incessant rain has set up what will be the "perfect storm" for mosquitoes. As the weather dries, and the dark, damp days are replaced with sunny ones, you will see the mosquito population explode into a Mosquitapocalypse (OK, so I just totally invented that word).

You may have already noticed a major difference in the past few days if you got outside to work in your yard. The mosquitoes are swarming just as the sun is setting.

Before you hire someone for mosquito and tick control, you should ask these three questions:

1. Is the company and its employees licensed to be treating properties for mosquitoes and ticks?

In the past 10 years, there have been many, many companies that offer these types of services, but they aren't all equal. You'll want to hire experts in mosquito and tick control. If the person applying these chemicals in your yard doesn't know what they are doing, it could get dangerous.

2. What types of products will they be using?

You'll see a good number of companies claiming to use "all natural" treatments. Elisabet LaFerriere, General Manager of Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, says it's simply not true. "Companies that make these claims often mask their chemicals with garlic. Customers smell the garlic and think the product is all natural with no chemicals. That is just not the case."

3. What is the company's guarantee?

Many companies may offer a seven-day guarantee. If mosquitoes are still a problem after seven days, the company will come back and reapply. The longest guarantee that we've seen is the 21 days offered by Mosquito Squad.

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