The Cranston Police Department is on the hunt for a man who allegedly got away with more than $500 worth of stolen items at a local Stop & Shop supermarket almost two months ago.

However, you'd think the suspect was after a stack of expensive meats or some other high-end grocery item, but instead, the crook took off with a carriage full of shrimp and Red Bull. Can you say desperate much? What a bold combination.

I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

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While scrolling through the comments on the Cranston Police Facebook page, Melissa Renée DiDonato blew my mind when she wrote, "My mom works at stop and shop and catches ppl stealing all the time. There's apparently a ring going around." A theft ring is one thing, but a theft ring that focuses on stealing shellfish and energy drinks is a new one to me.

But then again, with all the craziness 2021 has brought us thus far, this actually isn't that farfetched. I mean, I like shrimp, where's the party at?

This strange and highly unorthodox heist took place back on August 27, and the thief has yet to be taken into custody. Detective Robert Skodras of the Cranston Police CIU Division is asking for any clues or the whereabouts of the suspect depicted in this security camera footage.

Courtesy Cranston Police Department
Courtesy Cranston Police Department
The man was last seen fleeing the scene in a black Honda Pilot.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Skodras at (401) 477-5066 or email him at with any leads.

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