While I don’t know much about football, I do know this: a 50-yard field goal kick from a 16-year old athlete is very impressive.

ESPN thought so, too, because Madison Alves from Cranston, Rhode Island made it onto SportsCenter in the No. 10 slot for the “SportsCenter Top 10 Plays” Tuesday for her incredible kick.

Madison is a well-rounded athlete, participating in soccer, track, and basketball. Right now, it’s football season, and she is the kicker for the Cranston West High School football team.

“I have football Monday and Wednesday, and every time I try and kick as far as I can," she said. "That day I was kicking about 45 yards, and my dad was like ‘just try it.’ Of course, the one kick, I make it, and he gets it on video.”

Michael joked that kick would’ve been good enough for him to retire on. Fifty yards is college-level stuff. But from the sounds of it, Madison still has a lot of playtime in her future. She aspires to play soccer in college, but if she was presented with the opportunity to play football, “that would be awesome.”

I don’t know what’s cooler, the fact that she can kick that far, or the fact that she is dominating at her craft in a male-dominated sport. At just 16 years old, she’s inspiring so many young athletes, male and female, to shoot their shot, because you never know. It could land you on SportsCenter.

Check out her incredible kick:

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