I had a great time last Saturday visiting the Fairhaven Homecoming Fair. The weather was beautiful, the streets were packed with friends I hadn't seen in a long time and the vendors had plenty of items for sale.

This year seemed to be a big year for jewelry, whether it was rope bracelets or necklaces and earrings. I couldn't get over the number of items. My daughter was happy to find her name, "Kathryn," on a bracelet.  She even found her nickname, which is "Kat." Of course, dad took out his wallet to buy it.

Doing some research I discovered there are many websites that are geared just for the summer crafter.  The London Jewelry School has a blog that helps people prepare for the summer craft fairs. While this article was published in May, some of the information would carry over to the Christmas fairs that will begin before you know it.

While I still think you should see a reputable jeweler like A & A Jewelers for big purchases like an engagement ring or a Mother's Day gift or graduation gift, I think it's fine to have some fun and shop at the local fair this summer.

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