New Bedford Police Detective Chris Cotter has been removed from his position on the department's Juvenile/Sexual Assault Unit, he confirmed to WBSM News Tuesday night.

Citing only "managerial differences," Cotter was told he was being reassigned back to the uniform division after 12 years as a detective, and 10 in the Juvenile/Sexual Assault Unit.

"My first question was if I could have a reason as to why, and I was just told, 'managerial differences.' And that's how it was left," he said.

The 18-year veteran of the New Bedford Police Department also serves on the city's School Committee, and has been very public in his battles with Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin. This past summer, Cotter alleged that Durkin sent a letter to his superiors and Mayor Jon Mitchell claiming Cotter used his position as a detective to help gain information for use in his role on the School Committee.

Cotter said there was "suspect in the way things happened," but that he would refrain from further speculation.

"For now it will be an acceptance, but I will have it looked into," he said.

Although Cotter said he will miss helping the victims and families he dealt with as part of the Juvenile/Sexual Assault Unit, he plans on keeping in touch with them. He also said that he will continue to give his all to the department, regardless of his assignment.

"It is the position of a police officer, and I'm prepared to do exactly that," he said. "I'm going to give 150 percent as I always have in the same position, regardless of where I am."

New Bedford Police have not yet responded to WBSM's request for comment.

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