Well 2020, I can't say I'm too surprised to hear about this Saturday's big event.

Yes, it's true, there's an asteroid filed under the name of NN4 heading towards earth's vicinity and NASA is well aware of it.

According to the space experts and as reported by WCVB-TV, the asteroid is approximately 820 feet and 1,870 feet in diameter. That's equivalent to Toronto's CN Tower and almost two Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other, to put it into perspective.

But there is good news.

NASA is confident that there is absolutely nothing to worry about as the asteroid that was traced back in 2002 will not be hitting Earth or causing any damage or harm to the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, NN4 will be more than three million miles away from our planet and as too close for comfort as it sounds to me, three million miles is still a significant distance away from us.

Here's the nerdy-fun part: how exactly does the size of the asteroid compare to the SouthCoast if you stand it straight up on its tall side? I'm glad you asked (even though I'm sure nobody did).

  • 7.3 New Bedford St. Anthony of Padua Churches
  • 13.8 Fall River Braga Bridges
  • 37.4 Freetown Profile Rocks (before it collapsed last year)
  • 49.2 Mattapoisett "Salty" the Seahorses
  • 116.9 Dartmouth Viking Statue Men
  • 155.8 Westport "Forks in the Road"
  • 15,334,000 Fairhaven Titleist Golf Balls (in square feet surface area)

So folks, there you have it.

To put in a better perspective, I've taken some of the most common and also most random items, places and things that represent these SouthCoast towns and cities and compared it to the asteroid.

Again, there is no danger and nobody should panic. NASA knows what they're doing, so go about your normal weekend plans and make sure you wash your hands.

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