The creepy clowns terrorizing the South have made their way to Swansea and they are horrifying.

Scary clown threats have been slowly making their way up the East Coast. Originally, sightings started in South Carolina and have continued to spread to other states including NY. Last night, one was spotted close to home in Swansea.


According to discussions on social media, there was a clown in the Swansea Mall Parking lot and reports of clowns in Fall River. The panic over the clown sightings have people all over the country weary of venturing out after dark, particularly near wooded areas.

According to reports, the clown in the mall parking lot wasn't doing any harm aside from creepily staring into passing car's windows.

If you see someone in a clown costume, particularly after dark or acting erratically, you are urged to call police as clowns in other parts of the country have reportedly tried to lure children and women into the woods, often with weapons.

And to anyone that is thinking of dressing up as a clown for Halloween, might I suggest you think twice!

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