If you have ventured into downtown New Bedford in the last few years you would agree, the amount of parking meter tickets issued has steadily increased.

Heck, I have only been back in the area a year and got a few already. Yes, getting these tickets helps with getting the city some revenue, but just ask some of the businesses downtown and they will tell you parking and those meters are not exactly helping business.

With the current pandemic bringing the economy to a halt, we are looking for any way to save us money. It's good to know that many businesses across the SouthCoast are looking to help us. It doesn't just stop with businesses, though.

I recently spoke with New Bedford City Councilor-at-Large Ian Abreu, who brought attention to a way the City of New Bedford could look out for its own residents, and Mayor Jon Mitchell took immediate action.

Effective immediately, no parking meter tickets will be issued.

"This will indeed help people be able to support shops providing take-out services still and have one less thing to worry about," Councilor Abreu said. "Anyone that received a parking violation within the last few days will be pardoned, from my understanding, as well."

A sure sign that our mayor understands not only the difficulties New Bedford citizens face during this tough time but that he understands he needs to act swiftly.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but this may have been an obstacle to delivery drivers and those looking to pick up food from these local businesses.

What do you think about this swift action taken by the Mayor of New Bedford?

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