Ward 6 Councilor Joe Lopes is hoping to get a better understanding about what's currently going on in New Bedford Public Schools.

During Thursday's City Council meeting, Lopes filed a motion requesting Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin provide the council with a list of information, including several budget related items.

"During the last budget process I questioned the number of kids that are being classified as ELL students, I have a concern with that," Lopes said. "I want to get a better handling of what is a Wrap Around Manager and would those funds be better used to keep teachers in the classroom or to buy textbooks?"

Lopes also wants a breakdown of students attending schools outside their districts after hearing a number of concerns from teacher and parents.

"I got teachers calling me wanting to know why they're getting students in their school that belong in another school district," Lopes said. "Some of them are concerned it's because they know (the student) is going to have issues, so why put them into a really good school when you can put them in a Level 4 school instead?"

The Ward 6 Councilor said he hopes that isn't the technical practice, but so many concerned phone calls does raise a question.

Also part of the list of information is the testing calendar for the 2015/2016 school year. Lopes and other councilors agreed that it's important that teachers have the ability to actually teach in the classroom, rather than just prepare students for tests.

The information is requested to be provided to the council within 30 days.