Movie legend Chuck Norris has come out in praise of a New Bedford native, Kharisma James, who gave her life last week saving three children.

Kharisma James, the 33-year-old New Bedford native, saved three children by jumping in front of a moving car in a school parking lot. We first told you about her last week after the tragedy in El Paso. Since that time, movie star Chuck Norris wrote an article admiring Kharisma's heroism. In the article, the action star outlines Kharisma's heroism.

My wife, Gena, and I salute Kharisma Ashlee James. We thank her for her love and service to her country, community and kids. Her life was not in vain. Though we all wish she had not been struck down in her prime, her tenacity and tenderness shines like a beacon to all of us. And we pray for God’s strength and peace upon her family and friends.  I wanted to share her story with my readers around the nation and world to honor her. And remind us all that it is amazing souls like Kharisma in every community across our great nation that makes it so great.  --Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has portrayed some of the roughest, toughest heroes on the big screen, but he recognized the true grit, heroism, and selflessness in one of New Bedford's daughters.


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