Travessia  Urban Winery is a micro-winery in the heart of Downtown New Bedford- you've likely never even realized it! 

Driving Distance from NB: less than 5 minutes (Map here)

You may have walked by this winery hundreds of times without ever realizing that inside is a winery! Travessia  Urban Winery is a micro-winery in the heart of Downtown New Bedford, located just off the corner of Purchase Street and Union Street.

They feature handcrafted wines from grapes grown locally in Dartmouth and Westport.  It's farm-meets-city!

Owner Marco Montez has a clear vision for his wines- to make wines with minimal intervention in the vineyards and the cellar. There are very few machines involved in the wine making process and keeping the process simple allows for full flavors of wines. Check out Marco below as he gives you a glimpse into his operation!


Stop by Travessia for a tasting Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 12n until 5pm or contact Marco go set up your private event or group tasting.

$89 (1)

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