Chalk this one up as your weird story of the day...

Charlton Police Department Facebook: "On 3-12-2016 approximately 3:00 p.m. a black SUV with 2-3 male occupants, in their late teens/early 20s, pulled up to three young teenage boys on Dresser Hill Road.

One of the males, with brown hair and a pale complexion, wearing a gray T-shirt, gray pants and open-toed sandals, exited the vehicle and started rapping while the other occupants of the vehicle began asking they boys if they wanted to "spit some bars" (Rap lingo) with them. Boys declined, and the SUV drove off."

Here we go! I've always wanted to witness a rap battle, and it looks like I might now have a chance. Like a scene straight out of 8 mile, some teens are driving around in their black SUV and just randomly asking kids if they can "spit bars": I'm honestly a little upset the "young teens" said no. I understand stranger danger and all, but if some kid wearing "open toed sandals" challenges you to a rap battle then you need to put him IN HIS PLACE!

All jokes aside, even though this looked like a simple case of teenagers looking for something to do, the cops did report that the young teens were frightened by the ordeal and are asking people in the area to report any suspicious activity.

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