It's official. Basketball is back, and the Boston Celtics sound like they're primed and ready for a title run.

I went down to media day today, and my biggest takeaway is that this team is serious about one thing. winning a championship.

From Kyrie Irving to Jayson Tatum to Marcus Smart to Daniel Theis, everyone expressed that the most important thing is winning a championship. It's easy to say and of course, every player ever has said it, but there was something different with the energy in the room. You could see and sense the sincerity.

Despite having all this talent coming in last year, there were still a lot of questions. How would Kyrie, Hayward and Al all mesh? What would Jayson Tatum be? How much depth did they really have? How would some of the bench guys react to their playing time?

This year, the only question seems to be coming out of the Boston locker room is, "When can we get to work?"

Even the rookie Robert Williams, who didn't get off to the best start as an NBA player, expressed the importance of the hard work ahead.

The entire team seems to have bought in. It doesn't hurt that Brad Stevens wasn't shy about saying they need to be better, despite being a win away from the NBA Finals last season.

"Offensively we just weren't good enough... We have some real areas to improve there otherwise, we're not at the level we want to be at," said Stevens.

It's clear that this is a deep team and a very close team. According to a number of players, most of the team has been back in Boston since the start of the month and have been playing some pickup games. Yet despite those few competitive pickup games, Brad still isn't too impressed.

Tomorrow, practices starts and the team is back to chasing banner 18. From where I'm sitting, it seems as though they should be completely ready and capable to take it home.


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