The Mary L. Fonseca Elementary School staff created an amazing Carpool Karaoke video with the help of FRED TV to welcome their students back to school. They used Katy Perry's 'Roar' and changed it to make it work for them. #watchusSOAR

Liz Rogers Dunn is the one who came up with the idea:

For those of you in FB land that know me, you know that karaoke in my classroom was an annual occurrence! I cannot carry a tune to save my life but I LOVE to sing! So, about a month or so ago, I proposed doing a Fonseca Carpool Karaoke to my principal! We were excited about the prospect, but had to work out the details and decide on a song that in some way was meaningful to our school! Thanks to one of our NEW teachers (and my former student), Kaitlyn Powers who suggested Katy Perry's Roar, here we have the first Fonseca Carpool Karaoke (and dare I say, I believe the FIRST in FRPS!!!) Many thanks to the Fonseca staff who ROCKED it and to Fred TV for filming and producing! #watchusSOAR

As I watched the video, I started to see some familiar faces. Be sure to compliment each and every staff member who participated in this, because it's awesome!

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