In the most ironic story we've seen in a while, Fun 107 has obtained video of a car slamming into a New Bedford driving school.

"Yesterday morning was quite a week," laughed Nelson Alves from Martin Auto School in New Bedford.

The relaxing, soft pelting of the steady rain on the Belleville Avenue driving school's windows Thursday morning was suddenly jolted when a Mercedes-Benz crashed straight through the brick building.

The car finally came to a stop inches from the space where, just last week, an instructor and a classroom full of students were gathered.

"We are so, so lucky," said Helena Martins, owner and instructor at the school.  "This could have been so much worse. Thank goodness no one was hurt."

Martins says that she feels bad for the owner of the Mercedes.

"She was doing a good job.  She stopped at the stop sign. She was creeping out.  Unfortunately, she will probably be found responsible for the crash because she was coming from the side with the stop sign, but the taxi that hit her was driving too fast for the rainy conditions."

Exclusive Video of the Crash

Fun 107 has obtained exclusive video of the moment when the taxi hit the Mercedes, sending it careening into the driving school. Take a look and draw your own conclusion.

After reading a article last week about a similar incident that happened at The Glass Slipper shoe store on Acushnet Avenue, Martins' daughter reached out to her, worried about the business' insurance on the building.

"I told her not to worry," Martins said. "Thank goodness we were properly insured."

To be clear, the driver who crashed into the building was neither an instructor nor a student of the school.

"What driving school would ever have students learning to drive with a Mercedes?" Martins said.

Exclusive Photos from the Accident Scene

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