Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro just introduced its newest member, and boy, he sure is a cute lil' stinker.

Pepé the skunk, paying homage to "Looney Tunes'" Pepé Le Pew with his name, came to the Capron Park Zoo from Jacksonville this past spring, and is finally making his debut in the zoo's Nocturnal Building. Because of his nocturnal nature, zoo visitors might not always be able to catch Pepé while he's up and about, but the zoo recommended visiting his exhibit either in the morning or later in the day for the best possible chance to catch him while he's awake.

Capron Park Zoo Curator of Education Melanie Fernandes gave us a little peek into this adorable guy's unique personality.

"His personality is pretty easy going, but he does have poor vision so that can make him a little cautious and occasionally a little nippy," Fernandes said.

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Capron Park Zoo
Capron Park Zoo

But who could blame him? When it comes down to it, Pepé is still a wild animal. It just so happens he is living in captivity with the folks at the Capron Park Zoo. And with a name as perfect as Pepé and those sweet, inquisitive eyes, how could you possibly not love this little guy?

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