Massachusetts is no stranger to towns and cities that are hard to pronounce. Visitors may have to fumble through a few before they get it right, and a Medford-based TikToker seemed to have quite the challenge when she visited Cape Cod.

She goes by the name “Cheeseh8r” and has attracted over 12,000 followers thanks to her POV videos, highlighting the Boston lifestyle.

On Monday, she posted this gem after a trip to the Cape:

@cheeseh8r Best weekend in the cape! The hydration flowers are so stunning this time of year 🌸 #capecod #capecodsummer #capecodmassachusetts #massachusetts #boston #bostonsummer #mafoodies #bostonmassachusetts #bostonfoodies ♬ original sound - Arianna

A few seconds into the video, I was shook. Capé Cod? Yar-mouth? Oh, dear. I’m surprised she didn’t have a field day with Chatham.

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“My ears are bleeding,” said one commenter.

“As a person who lives in Massachusetts, I am now triggered,” said another.

But if you made it to the end of her video, I think it’s safe to say this Boston resident was having some fun at the locals’ expense. I would say calling a lobster roll a “dead fish sandwich” got the biggest chuckle from me. Last month during the 4th of July weekend, she posted another, praising the “white sandy beaches” as rocks and seaweed floated around her feet.

@cheeseh8r Where should I go next?! #massachusetts #capecod #capecodma #matiktok #massachusettstiktok #boston #bostonma #capecodsummer ♬ original sound - Arianna

Locals are always proud of two things: Towns and food, and “Cheeseh8r” takes aim at all of it.

While some TikTok users were missing the boat on her dry humor, others praised her, which certainly highlights just how challenging the local town names can be.

If you need a good laugh today, enjoy these videos, and remember to smell the “hydrations” the next time you are on the Cape.

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