Out of the 15 best beaches to visit on the Eastern Seaboard, "Cape Cod" is one of them.

However, the question I ask is: Which one?

According to Beachfix, the best beach the East Coast offers is Ocean City, New Jersey. However, that's not a beach; it's a city with a string of different beaches.

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Cape Cod lands at No. 3 on the list, but that raises more questions than anything else.

This is the second list I've come across within a month in which the writer appears to have not done their homework.

Do I agree that Cape Cod should be on the list? Absolutely, but I'm looking for the best beaches on Cape Cod, not the entire region. With over 130 beaches along the hooked peninsula, I'm more interested in the breathtaking, fine sand and well-groomed areas to escape reality for a while.

How about Craigville Beach in Centerville? Or Marconi Beach in Wellfleet?

I'd even settle for the shark-infested waters of Nauset Beach in Orleans if it had value.

Being more specific rather than saying Cape Cod is among the best "East Coast Beaches on the East Coast" is much more satisfying and less broad.

As flattering as this sounds for Cape Cod natives and transplants, it's a bit wishy-washy. I'm not putting the Cape down or writing them off, I'm just looking to see where I can find the best beach out of the many there.

Beachfix writes:

"No matter where you’re traveling from or what area you’re hoping to visit, there’s a perfect East Coast beach for you! With so many options, we’ve made it easy for you by creating a list of the top East Coast beaches!"

Not so easy. Where's the specificity?

I've griped enough.

I suppose a congratulatory golf clap for Cape Cod is in order. Being in the top 3 of any list like this is most certainly impressive.

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