BARNSTABLE (WBSM) — A couple of new coyotes are appearing on Cape Cod, but not in the way you're probably thinking.

Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable recently adopted two orphaned coyotes living and growing within their facility.

In addition to its main location in Weymouth, the vet hospital provides animal education to the community. However, its work is mainly focused on free veterinary care for injured or orphaned animals.

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Coyotes are one of the main animals treated at the Barnstable location for intensive care.

According to Wildlife's Executive Director Zak Mertz, coyotes can get separated from their pack, especially when they're babies, which is what likely happened to their newest additions.

"When they're younger, they are indoors for intensive care. They are fully vaccinated, so once they get older, the next step is to move them to a large outdoor pen," Mertz said.

Throughout the summer and fall, they will remain in the center's care, learning to socialize with other coyotes before they are strong and healthy enough to be alone.

"As much as they are with us, we have daily enrichment tasks to assimilate and challenge social behaviors, but also limit our human contact and associations," he said. "That way, they only focus on other coyotes, not humans."

In a world where bear sightings are on the rise, let's not forget that coyotes sometimes make their own appearance.

Mertz shared some tips for anyone who ever finds themselves face to face with these animals.

Making loud noises, like clapping your hands, will help scare off coyotes, telling them that where they are is not a safe place to be. Also, keeping an eye out for your pets and feeding them inside rather than outdoors keeps coyotes from snooping around your home.

Cape Wildlife's Weymouth Hospital is open to the public seven days a week to visit. It also has a nature center, educational ambassador animals and guided tours.

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