I'll be honest: There are few things I love more on this earth than dogs. I've never had a pup of my own, but growing up, all I wanted and asked for leading up to every birthday and Christmas was a furry friend of my very own. If dog girls were a thing (like horse girls, but for dogs), I'd definitely be one of those.

There isn't a dog I haven't met and instantly fallen in love with, but if I had to pick my favorite breed of all, it would have to be the corgi. I mean, what's not to love? From their wiggly butts to their larger-than-life personalities, these big dogs in little bodies just find their way into everyone's hearts and are my ideal dog.

Just a couple months after moving to the SouthCoast, I came across the Cape Cod Corgi Club while scrolling through local groups on Facebook. Paula Peters told me she started the group a few years ago after she had experienced firsthand the benefits of connecting with other owners of the same breed when she had pugs.

"It was just a lot of fun to get together with other people who had that same kind of ugly dog, and corgis have their own kind of quirky behaviors and stuff," Peters said. "[Corgis] bark a lot. They're very busy. They herd the cats. So it's fun to be around other people who have these crazy dogs and can appreciate it."

Over Memorial Day weekend, some of Cape Cod Corgi Club's 150-some members got together to and appreciated their pups together. The meetup at Mashpee Commons not only gave the dogs the chance to play and socialize with one another, but it also gave pup parents the chance to proudly share their dogs with the community during a post-meetup parade through the commons.

Complete with balloons, friendly onlookers, and plenty of adorable corgis, the parade looked like every corgi-lover's dream.

Whether someone currently owns a corgi, is looking forward to adding one to their family in the future, or just has an appreciation for these captivating canines, Peters encourages them to join the growing group by searching Cape Cod Corgi Club on Facebook.

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