With two championships already secured and two teams surging, can Boston do the unthinkable?

The Red Sox kicked off a chain of events back in October that may lead to something we've never seen before. They were the first to win a title this season with the most dominant year in Boston Red Sox history. Next up were the Patriots. They captured a sixth Super Bowl title by beating the Rams (again). Since then, it's been almost a whole three months since Boston has seen a team win a championship.

The Bruins and the Celtics are currently both making their respective playoff runs and are both are expected to make a deep one. The Bruins are the universal favorite to win the Stanley Cup after a wild first round of games. So many of the favorites and top seeds were eliminated, which leaves the Bruins with home ice throughout the playoffs and a great shot at a title.

The Celtics were the heavy favorite in the East heading into the year. Some inconsistency and mixed up lineups led to a bit of a disappointing regular season. The Celtics, though, found a way to get a top-four seed. They looked like the Celtics we've been waiting for in the first round and dispatched of the Indiana Pacers with a clean sweep. If they can knock off the top-seeded Bucks, they could be on a direct path to the Finals.

If both teams can take home a title, that would be the Boston Apocalypse. I can't think of a time when there has been a real chance at a city winning the sports grand slam. It would essentially be the perfect cap to what has been nearly two decades of pure sports dominance.

It definitely makes rooting a little more intense. We're not just rooting for one title now, we're rooting for four. I also want to make it clear that if it happens, I want one GIANT championship parade with all four teams.

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