Cal Currier, only 16 years old, departed Marion via sailboat last month and crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone over the weekend, landing himself in Portugal.

He's among the youngest to ever do it.

Even more impressive, Currier says he only recently took up sailing lessons. Yet he successfully tackled this amazing trip that only one other younger teen has accomplished.

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Sailing Journey Begins

Currier started his journey out of the SouthCoast on June 27. The trip to Lagos, Portugal, took him only 28 days.  I say "only" but imagine being at sea by yourself for that long.

Currier said he made a stop in what he called the paradise that is the Azores for fuel and food for exactly 24 hours.

How did Currier deal with the elements while at sea? There had to be weather concerns, never mind the possibility of sea life popping up all around you.

"Other than the first night just off the Marion shore where there was a rain storm, it was mostly high winds I had to deal with and I used those to my advantage to get across more efficiently," Currier said.

A trip that was scheduled to take 36 days actually ended up taking 28.

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Duxbury Clipper Facebook

What Sailing Taught Cal

Speaking with Currier, I immediately could tell he was wise beyond his years. We could all learn from his reason for wanting to do the trip in the first place. He mentioned how short life is and how much time humans spend chasing meaningless pursuits. He wasn't doing this for the love of sailing but instead the love of life. He wants to live an awesome life.

After taking in a few Portuguese meals, Currier will fly back to Boston this Saturday to spend a few days with his grandparents in Massachusetts and then back home to California.

"I just want to conquer my junior and senior year of high school and come back to Marion next summer to see my grandparents again," he said.

As far as the boat he sailed in across the Atlantic, that will be sold to someone who wants it in Portugal.

If there's anything he wants people to take away from his experience, it's this advice:

"People should embrace risks and adventure."

Well said, Cal. You have inspired many.

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