Buttonwood Park Zoo just challenged the SouthCoast to go one month plastic-free. Will you accept?

"The Buttonwood Park Zoo’s staff and volunteers are partnering with over 50 other zoos and aquariums to challenge ourselves to participate in #PlasticFreeJuly. Currently over 3,000 individuals from these facilities are participating! Want to join us? Each week we will provide a new action you can take, and encourage you to snap a picture of your action and post it with the tag #PlasticFreeJuly on social media," they posted on their Facebook page.

The mission of this project, according to Plastic Free July, is to "build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improves recycling, worldwide."

Think of how often you use plastic in your everyday life. Imagine reducing that use, or removing it from your life entirely. Get through this one-month challenge to see if you can handle it!

Start with reusable shopping bags, straws, takeout containers and coffee cups. Future generations will thank you!

Accept the challenge HERE.

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