Take a second and think back to elementary school or even middle school. You probably remember visitors stopping by on more than one occasion, often promoting different ways to keep healthy. Personally, I most distinctly recall a group that came by my elementary school every year to promote its annual jump roping competition.

One Massachusetts resident had a bit of a more zany experience and is now wondering if anyone else is in the same boat. Reddit user DGBD started a thread on the Massachusetts subreddit earlier this week, asking if anyone else remembered one particularly unique man visiting their school when they were younger?

"Did a middle-aged white guy come into your middle school and rap about not drinking soda for breakfast and eating cicadas rather than doing drugs?" the user asked.

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The user attended middle school in Harvard, Massachusetts in the early to mid 2000s, where he said the visitor rapped over beats on his Casio keyboard. His "Do Bugs, Not Drugs" song was a particularly interesting standout, and the recent buzz about Brood X cicadas brought the memory back for this Reddit user.

So who is this mysterious "middle-aged white guy" who traveled to schools performing songs about eating bugs instead of doing drugs? The user said that he confirmed with former classmates that this guy actually did visit their school, so it wasn't just some weird fever dream. Who knows: Maybe this guy and his Casio keyboard made an appearance at a school or two here on the SouthCoast.

So far, no one on Reddit has come forward with any recall of this man visiting their school, but this thread has all of us hoping we can track this guy down.

Is he still out there? What the hell was he and whoever invited him thinking?... I just remember the whole thing being utterly bizarre, but we also had a lot of weird "don't do drugs" presenters come in.


After a little web-surfing, I came across this song, "Bugs Not Drugs" by a man named Doug Skinner and performed by White Knuckle Sandwich in 1999. Could this be the famed song that has haunted this Reddit user's dreams since middle school? The world may never know....

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