It's no secret that real estate prices in Massachusetts have been spinning out of control in recent years, but this historic mansion might just be worth the steep sticker price – If you can afford it, that is.

The mansion, situated at 132 Carlton Street in Brookline, was built in 1908, and the history that has certainly taken place in and around the home is evident in every fiber of every room, even through pictures. There's an abundance of fireplaces, which you just don't see in modern homes, and the built-in window seats in a few of the mansion's sitting rooms are to-die-for. A very unique kitchen, the breath-taking curved staircase and some fun wallpapered-bathrooms are other personal favs throughout the home.

Despite its quirks and beauty, the home's listing agent, Esin Susol with Castles Unlimited, noted that, at more than 100 years old, this expansive property is more than in need of some updating. It did, however, get a new roof in late 2019, so at least that should be good for a while.

"[The] residence offers its new owners the opportunity to design and execute a renovation for a unique generational home," Susol wrote in the home's listing on Zillow. "[It] merits and deserves renovation."

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Whether you're looking to seriously buy or, like me, just want to take a trip to the land of dreams, this architectural beauty is a must-see.

Massive Brookline Mansion Has One-of-a-Kind Character Around Every Corner

So much rich and beautiful history lies hidden within the walls of this Brookline mansion. From an innumerable amount of gorgeous fireplaces and built-in window seats to a large kitchen and gorgeous curved staircase, it's easy to see the gorgeous details of this home, but brilliant pops of color and flair truly make this home one-of-a-kind. Although there isn't a photo, there also happens to be an elevator in this massive home. It's on the market right now, and could all be yours – if the price is right.

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