Scrolling through Facebook can sometimes be a landfill of just political talk. I remember when Facebook was just friends connecting.

With the holiday, I have found myself scrolling through the social media feeds a little more than usual and was really starting to lose hope on finding something positive.

That is, until I came across this video of a Bristol police officer shooting hoops with this boy with autism. I thought to myself, this is what our world is really all about.

This boy's parents were so happy to see their son finally feel included. He has a hard time joining in with other kids.

The officer's name is Michael Kelly. He has been a cop for over 18 years. He believes acts like this make a truly good cop. I like his thinking. He truly believes being a good cop is all in how you treat people.

This boys parents are so thankful the cop took time to make their son feel special and even joked with the cop about working on his jump shot.

What an awesome break from the political posts and hate speech online.

Here is the short clip of Officer Michael Kelly shooting hoops with this amazing autistic boy:

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