A Providence bride missed the cocktail hour of her wedding reception because she was stuck in an elevator.

She looks a lot calmer than I think I would have been!

As ABC6 News reports, Melissa Rodger was headed to the 18th floor of the Providence Biltmore on Saturday night, when the elevator stopped about four feet away from her destination.

Rodger and two wedding planners were then stuck inside the elevator for about 45 minutes...and they missed a portion of the wedding reception.

As Rodger told ABC6, she first thought the elevator would start right up again, but about five minutes later realized something was definitely wrong.

One of her bridesmaids had to take the news to her new husband, whispering to him "Don't be alarmed, but Melissa is stuck in the elevator."

Firefighters were then called to the scene and they managed to pry open the doors.

Providence Battalion Chief Jay Viens told ABC6 News that he's seen a lot of jammed elevators over the years, but never one with a bride in her wedding dress inside!

They even had a back up plan of getting her some new clothes in case she needed to crawl out.

Luckily that didn't have to happen and the elevator technician got things up and running again.

The reception did start 20 minutes late and Melissa missed the cocktail hour, but she certainly does have a story to tell about her wedding day!

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