I've seen a lot of "tiny houses" in my lifetime, but never have I ever heard of  a "skinny house."

In the heart of Boston is a unique piece of real estate that sticks out amongst the towering buildings among which it resides. Located at 44 Hull Street in Boston is a 1,165-square foot building that sits on a 449-square foot lot. Built back in 1862, this thin slice of a house is structurally sound, despite its odd appearance, and it comes with a killer view of the city and harbor.

Perfect for a couple that doesn't require much space, but with a second bedroom with bunk beds, it's safe to say that you could "squeeze by" with a small family before it gets too cramped.

Behind the building is a groovy botanical garden area that comes equipped with a comfortable sitting area and a place to relax in the shade from the surrounding buildings. Up on the top level is a view of both the city and the harbor that'll lead to a signed, sealed, and delivered contract at first sight.

If you're someone who enjoys cooking and can work with tight spaces (restaurant chefs can relate), then this fully stocked kitchen that comes with an oven and a draft vent should work swimmingly. Two people cooking might be a crowd, so plan accordingly if you're not looking to turn this place into the ultimate bachelorette or bachelor pad.

Lastly, before I continue on with the finer details, do yourself a solid and take a virtual photo walkthrough of this unorthodox, yet oddly satisfying, "skinny house."

12 Photos That Squeeze Through This Million Dollar "Skinny House" in Boston

Take a peek inside one of the skinniest houses in Boston, located at 44 Hull Street, which is going for $1.2 million.

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